Get the New 2024 Tractors and Trailers You Need with TEL

When you lease with TEL, you get advantages and benefits you won’t get anywhere else.  We offer short-term leases with flexible options, new trucks with full factory warranty, and complete maintenance support.

In this article, we’ll explore each of these benefits in more detail.  


Shortest Terms & Flexible Options

With TEL tractors specifically, we offer flexible purchase options at the end of your lease that let you maintain ownership of the equipment directly and that help to minimize your risk during replacement cycles.  

  • If the market drops, you can buy the trucks.
  • If the market goes up, you can turn in the trucks or swap to a new-year model. 


New 2024 Trucks with Full Factory Warranty

With top brands like Peterbilt, Volvo, and Freightliner in inventory, there is virtually no waiting to get your fleet of new 2024 trucks and trailers.  In addition to a full factory warranty and limited upfront cost, there are No Mileage Charges and No Rate Adjustments throughout our lease terms.  With TEL, you also get the option for complete 24/7 maintenance support for the life of your lease. 


Complete Maintenance Support 

TEL partners with truck manufacturers to get the best deals on parts and maintenance.  We even work with you to ensure any potential warranty issues are handled quickly and within your best interest.  We are the only leasing company that does this.


Better Fuel Economy - Maximum Up-Time - Driver Retention

Fuel costs fluctuate and represent one of the largest expenses in a fleet.   Our new 2024 trucks are spec'd to provide the Best Industry Fuel Economy, and this results in large savings for your fleet.  With a new truck fleet, You Will Experience Maximum Up-Time, and maintenance is simplified with TEL Fleet Support and a full factory warranty. 


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