TEL Donates $6,000 to Prison Prevention Ministries

We were so honored to have the opportunity to donate $6,000 in support of Prison Prevention Ministries programs that are helping turn around the lives of inmates and youth, said Jeff Berger, chief information officer of TEL.  We gave an initial $3,000 contribution, followed by another $3,000 gift.

Many inmates in American prisons and jails become repeat offenders. In Tennessee, an estimated 29.6% of individuals released from a state prison in 2019 were re-arrested, re-convicted or returned to prison within three years, according to the Tennessee Department of Correction. Recidivism rates appear to be even higher for jail inmates, based on department reports.

“We’ve seen the positive impact that Prison Prevention Ministries is having on prisoners and their families, as well as at-risk youth and our community,” Berger noted 

Jeff Berger CIO at TEL“Their faith-based programs are changing hearts and minds and are providing practical support to help people become productive citizens,” he added.  “The Christmas Angel program they have for the children of incarcerated parents is one of the most impactful events I have been involved in.”  

The mission of Prison Prevention Ministries is simple, yet profound: to prevent inmates from returning to prison and youth from going to prison by encouraging them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Programs for prisoners include weekly Bible-based life skill seminars at the Hamilton County Jail, Bradley County Jail, Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center, The Next Door Women’s State Pre-Release Facility, the Salvation Army Men & Women Federal Pre-Release Facility, Silverdale CCA and Walker State Prison. Programs for at-risk youth include InZone, located in Hixson, which provides boys ages 10-14 with Christian guidance, academic tutoring and fellowship through dinners and other activities. Prison Prevention Ministries also holds an annual Christmas Angel party for children with incarcerated parents. 

AbbasHouse InZone for Prison Prevention Ministries

“If it weren’t for folks like Transport Enterprise Leasing, we would not be able to do the ministries we do,” said Joe Smith, executive director of the charity. “We are so appreciative for the support of the good folks at Transport Enterprise Leasing.”  

 To donate or volunteer with Prison Prevention Ministries, please visit 


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