Introducing: The Fleet Owner's Guide to Profitability

 Introducing our new Fleet Owners Guide to Profitability that encompasses a helpful video and detailed information guiding you on how to improve profits and reduce operating and opportunity costs within your truck fleet.

Improving profits and overcoming industry challenges can feel like a hurdle for fleet owners. Thankfully, we’ve developed a guide to help fleet owners improve cash flow and profitability, get more information about truck maintenance and fuel costs, learn more about repairs and downtime, and much more.   

Increase Fuel Efficiency & Cash Flow, While Simplifying Tractor Acquisition 

1683909271741In the first few sections of our guide, we talk about new truck leasing and break down truck maintenance costs and truck fuel costs to provide a comparison.  You’ll find a chart comparing a 60-month trade cycle and a 33-month trade cycle, as well as a fuel cost comparison that shows more than $200,000 in savings when you lease new equipment as opposed to equipment that is 4+ years old.  

Not only do you get an inside look at cost savings, but you can also see the difference between leasing vs. buying, and why leasing new equipment through TEL means little to no capital outlay, increased up-time, and increased buying power.  

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