What is the TEL360 Advantage?

The TEL360 Advantage is our promise to serve the full spectrum of our customers' needs, 360 degrees, bringing them a continuous advantage from every perspective.

We offer a one-stop source for equipment, services, financing, maintenance, and support, as well as key benefits you won't find anywhere else in the transportation industry. With support from people who truly understand how your business works, you have more opportunity to succeed with TEL than anywhere else.


Here are a few high-level benefits of TEL's Fleet Leasing, Trailer Leasing, Lease Purchase, and Equipment Sales divisions:

Fleet Leasing

At TEL, customers have one place where all of their trucking and transportation needs are met. No more having to consult with multiple lenders and deal with high maintenance costs and frustrating financing processes.


Trailer Leasing

TEL provides comprehensive solutions for companies ranging from for-hire carriers to private fleets to large trucking companies. You can save time and have a frictionless customer experience, helping you achieve success for your business without all the frustration that comes with variable charges and unnecessary costs.

8. Row of Reefers

Lease Purchase

With TEL, you get coaching on things like structuring business expenses so you can maximize uptime and revenue. Not only that, but you get lease terms that are 24 to 33 months compared to the industry average of four to five years! 


Equipment Sales

TEL carries the best quality trucks that meet the needs of every customer, whether you're an owner-operator, fleet manager, or a wholesale purchaser for a used truck dealer. We'll work with you to find equipment that fits your business model and meets your hauling needs.


The TEL360 Advantage has all Your Commercial Truck and Trailer Needs Covered

Whether you're an owner-operator, aspiring to be one, run a small fleet, manage a large fleet, or are a dealer looking to purchase from us wholesale, the TEL360 Advantage is simply summarized: we have all your commercial truck and trailer needs covered, coast-to-coast.

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