How TEL is Affirming Our Commitment to Diversity Across the Organization with the Help of Former NFL Player Rennie Curran

TEL is proud of our efforts to ensure diversity as an employer and a service provider to customers in the commercial truck fleet leasing industry around the country.   But we don’t just talk the talk; we walk it too. 

As part of our mission to encourage a diverse, creative, and empowered culture, we are excited to partner with former professional athlete, keynote speaker, author, and CEO of Game Changer Coaching, Rennie Curran.  



About Rennie Curran 

An Atlanta native, Curran became an All-American linebacker at the University of Georgia before joining the NFL as a 3rd round draft pick by the Tennessee Titans. His successful transition to the business world gave him a unique

Rennie2perspective on what it takes to handle adversity and maximize opportunities while having a positive impact on others. He currently uses his platform to inspire students, athletes, and business professionals to reach their fullest potential.   

Curran’s innovative presentations teach individuals, teams, and organizations how to transform their personal and professional lives through leadership, teamwork, and personal development. His company, Game Changer Coaching, helps business executives and entrepreneurs become influential leaders by improving performance and building their brand.


TEL’s Partnership with Curran 

Curran will be working closely with our Human Resources Department on initiatives ranging from employee training to tailored consultations.  

We are looking forward to our partnership with Curran and are excited to help more customers reach their fullest potential and achieve the success they want faster.


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